One Photo from Every Country Visited in 2015

Angkor Wat, Cambodia January 2015Angkor Wat, Cambodia January 2015

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Significant Travel Savings for Students With One Trick

As a student, I am always trying to save money where I can, but still travel as much as possible. So, I am always looking for travel savings for students so I can spend less money to see/do the same […]

Best Thing To Do In Any New City: Free Walking Tours

Visiting a new city can carry a bunch of different emotions along with it: excitement, anxiety, anticipation, frustration… just to name a few. Recently, I have discovered a great way to combat some of the more negative emotions while enabling […]

Luxor Travel Guide

Luxor, Egypt

The list of things to do and see in Luxor is pretty much endless… With limited time, choices have to be made. Here are my thoughts on the sites I saw over the course of two days in Luxor. Valley […]